Say goodbye to the traditional way of studying and hello to a whole new world of learning at the NIIT Cloud Campus. Learn by interacting not just with faculty at your centre, but also with experts across India. Practice your concepts in the machine room supported by your NIIT faculty. Revise lectures and catch up on missed classes with Lesson on Demand and brush up on the practical application of concepts, sitting at home. Or if you prefer studying with friends, use our group based online learning modules and solve assignments with your batch mates. Take charge. Be a part of a system that's truly built around you. Be a part of the Cloud Campus where studying is nothing like studying.

Cloud Classrooms

Cloud Classrooms enable you to learn by interacting not just with faculty at your centre, but also with experts from across India. Live, interactive classrooms are powered by Synchronous Learning Technology, a real time communication tool that facilitates live interaction between faculty and students. This way, you can direct any questions you have to your faculty, who will answer them in class itself.

Cloud Courseware

Cloud Courseware is an intelligent digital device enabled courseware to help you learn on the go. It gives you access to your personal IPR protected content, secured to your netbook, laptop or tablet. It allows you to make highlights, create annotations, take notes and share them with your faculty and classmates. Its dynamic nature allows NIIT to send you plug-ins to include new content or reading material needs.

Anywhere Lab

Anywhere Lab allows you to practice the application of concepts you have learnt in class, no matter where you are. The hint system lets you seek help while solving problems. In addition to this, you can also chat with experts to seek answers to your queries. To complete the learning process, you get tested on the concepts learnt at home during your Machine Room sessions at the NIIT Centre.
Download lessons to catch up on classes you’ve missed and revise previous lectures from anywhere.
At the NIIT Cloud Campus, you can continuously improve your performance with online practice tests. These include cycle tests, review tests and sample tests for preparation.
BuddyNet Learning lets you hang out with the best students on the cloud to boost your scores. You can solve group assignments using services like blogs, discussion forums, group chats, groups, My Calendar and My Score.
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