Business component development using EJB 3.1

The emergence of the software market has led to the advent of new software architectures. The software architecture has evolved from single-tier, two-tier, to N-tier architecture. N-tier architecture has equipped the software development industry to build distributed, efficient, portable, and robust application/components. Component is a self-contained entity that can be reused in a similar or completely different application. Today, there is an increase in business application development using such reusable software components.


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About the course:

Business component development using EJB 3.1 course provides students with the knowledge of how to develop robust back-end functionality. This course uses an online auction scenario to demonstrate how to leverage container-managed services with session and message beans, and entity classes to resolve the real-world problems presented by an electronic commerce application. The emphasis of this course is on providing practical EJB technology coding experience, while also covering the designs and best practices used to solve transaction, messaging, and security issues.

Exit Profile:

After completing this course, students will: Design, develop, deploy and integrate EJB applications

Course Curriculum:

  1. Examine the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE)
  2. Examine a Java EE technology application
  3. Implement Enterprise JavaBean session beans
  4. Develop Java EE technology applications using messaging
  5. Create message-driven beans
  6. Implement interceptor classes and methods
  7. Implement transactions and exception handling
  8. Create a timer using the Timer Service
  9. Handle timer notification within an EJB component
  10. Implement security for Java EE technology
  11. Evaluate best practices for EJB technology


The Business Component Development Using EJB course is mapped with Oracle Exam 1Z0-895 (Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 Enterprise JavaBeans Developer)

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