Developing Mobile Apps on the Android Platform

Android, backed by Google Inc., is the fastest growing open source mobile device platform, which in turn is powered by Linux operating system. Android offers a simple yet powerful application development framework (C++/Java and XML) and open access to APIs to build richer mobile applications. Applications can range from enhancing the user experience to productivity and entertainment. Considering the growing popularity and usability of the Android platform, there is a dire need of skilled application developers in the industry.


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About the course:

The Developing Mobile Apps for the Android Platform program is meant for the segment that understands Java programming and are keen on gaining skills on application development on the Android platform. This program focuses on application level APIs and imparts in-depth skills to develop user and data-centric mobile applications and utilities on the Android platform. This program imparts skills in Android application development including working with graphics, multimedia, connectivity, and location-based services. In addition, the learner will learn to debug, deploy and test mobile applications.

Who should go for this course?
Candidates with Knowledge of Java programming and application development

Exit Profile:

After completing this course, students will: Develop and deploy secure mobile apps for the Android platform

Course Curriculum:

Programme Modules:

  1. Build the user interface with menus, tabs, styles, and themes
  2. Work with Activities, Intents, Services, & Broadcast receivers
  3. Store and retrieve data
  4. Notify the user
  5. Customize views
  6. Work with Location-based Services
  7. Implement SMS and telephony
  8. Enhance applications with graphics and multimedia
  9. Secure, test, debug, and deploy Android applications


Developing Mobile App Development for the Android Platform

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