Developing Windows Store Applications Using C#

Advanced technologies have revolutionized the way apps are used to accomplish day-to-day activities. In today’s scenario, different types of devices, such as tablets and smart phones, with reasonably good processing power and storage capabilities are available. Therefore, users want to be able to access their applications from a variety of devices. However, because of the difference in the underlying platforms of these devices, a different version of an app is required for each device.


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About the course:

Developing different versions of an app for different devices is a time-consuming process and limits the productivity of an app developer. This has been a major concern for Windows developers. Therefore, Microsoft has introduced Windows 8, which allows developers to build Windows Store apps. These apps can run on various devices and can support interaction in various ways.
This course provides necessary skills to design & develop Windows Store apps using .NET framework. In addition, the course discusses the application development process, and the best practices & principles associated with Human-Computer interaction (HCI).

Exit Profile:

After completing this course, students will:

  1. Develop console-based applications using C#
  2. Design and develop Windows Store applications

Course Curriculum:

Course 1: Object-oriented Programming Using C#
Object-oriented concepts form the base of all modern programming languages. Understanding the basic concepts of object-orientation helps a developer to use various modern day programming languages, effectively. C# (C Sharp) is an object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft that intends to be a simple, modern, and general-purpose programming language for application development. This course is applicable to learners who want to enter the world of object-oriented programming, using the C# language. This course provides a strong foundation in object-oriented programming approaches and the fundamentals of C# programming language.
Course 2: Introduction to Windows Store App Development
With the release of the Windows 8 operating system, a new type of apps have emerged that are sold in the Windows Store and run on Windows 8 devices. These apps run in a single window that fills the entire screen by default. They automatically work with a variety of input sources, including touch, pen, mouse, and keyboard. Considering the growing popularity of such apps, there is a dire need of skilled app developers. In order to develop software applications, developers must understand the basic aspects of application development. In addition, they must understand the application development process, and the best practices and principles associated with Human-Computer interaction. This course provides an introduction to the application development process and the fundamentals of Human-Computer interaction. In addition, it enables a learner to develop GUI-based apps for the Windows store.


Program on Developing Windows Store Apps in C#

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