Programming in Java

The Java technology is the foundation for virtually every type of networked application. It is the global standard for developing and delivering mobile applications, games, smart cards and practically any other digital device. Java 7 is the latest release for Java that contains many new features, such as improved performance, stability and security. Java 7 enables developers with the ease of writing and optimising the Java code.


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About the course:

The Programming in Java course is the first step for developing such applications. This program provides an introduction to object-oriented concepts and its implementation in Java technology programs. In addition, it covers syntax and semantics of the Java programming language. Further it covers the implementation of various concepts, such as exception handling, file manipulation, threads, collections, input/output streams, localisation and database connectivity.

Exit Profile:

Java Programmer

Course Curriculum:

  1. Identify the features of object orientation
  2. Create object-oriented Java applications
  3. Use decision-making constructs and loop constructs
  4. Implement collection framework
  5. Implement error handling and IO functionality
  6. Manipulate files, directories and file system
  7. Create data-centric applications using JDBC
  8. Process strings using regular expressions
  9. Implement Multi-threading and Localization


NIIT Graded or Participation Certification. The Programming in Java course is mapped with Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 7 Programmer – 1Z0 – 804.

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